The Institute
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The rules here are pretty straight forward. It all basically comes down to be nice, be smart, and have fun.

Each of your characters is expected to post an entry, and take part in two threads during an activity period. Activity periods will typically last a month, unless otherwise stated, so you shouldn't have a problem taking part in two threads and posting once in that time. But the best way to keep the game going and to have fun is to comment to each other, reach out to the other members, and interact with everyone you can. Note: Text messages/PMs between characters do not count as an entry. All new members will be required to have an update posted within a week of acceptance, or they will be removed. If you are removed due to inactivity, you will be able to reapply once. Removal again will result in any future applications being kindly rejected.

PBs must be recognizable by the general public. Internet personalities are acceptable, within reason. We should be able to input their name into Google, and not have to search through the results to find out who they are. All PB ages must be within five years of the character. One face change will be permitted per character.

After you apply to ~the-institute> and are accepted, you will be expected to make your first post within a week. You might also think about introducing your character in the OOC community, to let everyone know who you and your character are. If your application is rejected, feel free to message the mods to ask their reasoning. If it's something you can fix, you're welcome to do so, and reapply.