The Institute
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Can I play an instructor at the Institute?
Absolutely! It's a big place, and besides, it wouldn't be fun to play students without staff members to teach them!

At this time, we are not accepting any more instructors. Feel free to apply as any other role. When/If we lift the cap on instructors, we will make a post letting everyone know.
Can my character control fire/teleport/fly?
No. That's getting too close to superhero powers. While we are what could be considered a 'supernatural' game, we're trying to keep it as close to the realm of possible as we can. If you can't decide on an ability, we have a full list available HERE
Are the members of the Institute 'out' to the public as psychics?
That answer varies from person to person. Some probably are, while others probably aren't. There are no rules about whether or not your character has to be public with their abilities. That is your decision to make!
What is the general population's opinion of the Institute?
Some probably view it with skepticism, some superstition. There are even a few who feel hostility toward the people who 'think' they have 'magical powers'. And of course, there are those who are indifferent, and those who think it's just plain cool. New Orleans is a big city, rich with magical history. There are definitely some believers out there.
Can my character have more than one ability?
So long as the two are closely related, and one is much weaker than the other, yes. For instance; telepathy with a touch of empathy would be alright. Telepathy and psychokinesis would not. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask the mods, and we'll set you straight.
Does my character have to live on the Bennet Estate?
Students typically do live on the Estate, but it isn't a requirement. They can live elsewhere, and come to the Institute for their sessions. If your character is very new, however, they will need to live on the Estate for a little while, until they get their bearings and get used to how things run at the Institute.